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  • A New Perspective on Home.

    👋 Hello! We firmly believe everyone deserves a safe, beautiful, and welcoming place to call home. 🏠  We created Whole Earth Home with this idea in mind, to share ideas, stories, and inspiration with readers. We are dedicated to help you live a smarter, more efficient, and more fulfilling life. More than just making a…

  • The Design Impact of a New Front Door

    The right front door can change the appearance of your entire home.

  • Meet The Smart Coop, a Modern Solution for Backyard Chickens

    Backyard chickens meet their modern home.

  • Creating an Enchanting Outdoor Space With Smart Landscaping Ideas

    The right lighting, plantings, and creativity can turn an outdoor space into an amazing escape.

  • Ways To Make Your Living Room More Compelling and Unique

    The right art and furniture can create a truly compelling home design.

  • A Well Designed and Built Deck is a Beautiful Thing

    An extension of your home into the outdoors, a deck can be an amazing place to entertain, relax, and enjoy nature.

  • 6 Home Renovation Ideas That Will Improve the Value and Livability of Your House

    Home renovation projects are a great way to add value to your property, improve your living space, and enhance your quality of life.

  • How To Make Sure Your Office Is Clean And Healthy For Work

    Smart ways to make sure your workspace is clean, healthy, and productive.

  • The Beauty and Zen of a Garden Fountain

    Nothing is more calm, striking, and makes a strong statement in the landscape than a garden water fountain.

  • Interesting Garage Design Choices To Check Out Before A Renovation

    There are countless ways to customize your space and make it truly unique.

  • Great Travel Suggestions for Your Whole Family

    Some good choices when traveling with the whole family.

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