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When summer is in full swing, the great outdoors beckons invitingly. But do you feel your outdoor space could use a touch of that magic to bring it alive truly? Whether you have a large backyard or just a tiny balcony, there are several adjustments – big or small – that can be made to create an enchanting atmosphere. From statement pots to clever lighting ideas, let us show you 6 landscaping ideas that will instantly give your outdoor space a more inviting ambiance.


1. Leverage the Power of Elevation

As an avid urban gardener, elevating your garden can provide various benefits. An elevation landscape design for your commercial or residential space could bring a sense of balance to the overall look. Some ideas include using wooden planters and stone steps and adding small water features like ponds or fountains. 

Whether creating a modern-edged design with steel boxes and clean lines or inviting friends to enjoy a quiet teatime gathering beneath the canopy of your favorite foliage, elevating your garden creates limitless options for pleasure. Embracing the power of elevation can allow veteran green thumbs and budding gardeners to unlock their imaginations and find joy in cultivating beauty from nature’s bounty.


2. Introduce Elements of Surprise

Adding unexpected elements to your outdoor environment, such as a fountain, birdbath, or water feature, can bring out the designer in you. These features create visual beauty with the right design and materials and may also provide a calming sound that will help lull you into bliss. Stone is typically the material of choice regarding water features and fountains, giving rise to one very simple and environmentally-friendly landscape design principle.

Whether expressed through water movement, wood structures, or unusual garden shapes, adding surprise elements outdoors will transform your ordinary yard into an awe-inspiring oasis for you to enjoy during all seasons.



3. Add Some Color to Your Outdoor Space

A colorful flower bed or garden can bring life to an outdoor space. Whether it’s a small city balcony or a sprawling backyard, adding vibrant blooms like roses, pansies, and sunflowers is an easy way to brighten up any area. For something special, consider a unique flower you may not have seen in traditional gardens—pick something exotic with vivid colors and interesting shapes and textures.

Even if your space only has room for pots on the windowsill, you can easily find beautiful flowering plants that look perfect indoors and out. With some careful planning, you’ll be able to create a stunningly colored oasis that your friends and family will enjoy for years to come.


4. Create an Inviting Path to Your Garden

Creating a beautiful path is one of the best ways to add charm and interest to your garden instantly. Whether you decide on stepping stones, mulch, or gravel pathways, adding a path will make maneuvering in the outdoor area easier and more inviting. Once you’ve decided on the type of path to use, consider how wide and long it should be.


This can depend on how much usable space you have available and how much traffic you think the area will receive. Consider framing your pathway with border plants or ornamental rocks along both sides for comfort and beauty. You’ll be amazed at what a difference this simple addition can make.


5. Strategically Place Lighting

Whether you’re looking to create a cozy atmosphere in your living room or an illuminating experience in a restaurant, strategically placing lighting can make all the difference. Making sure lights hit certain spots just right, or finding out-of-the-way creative places, can create mood and ambiance and spark interest without being too overbearing.

Take the time to explore unusual options such as recessed lights in shelves, display cases, ceiling crowns, above cabinets, or kitchen islands — or even indirect strings of light along the walls or upper corners of rooms for a mellow effect. Get creative; after all, sometimes it’s what you don’t see (but still feel) that makes the biggest impression.



6. Use Vertical Landscaping to Create Height and Depth

When looking to add some depth and dimension to a garden, vertical landscaping is often the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing way to achieve the desired look. Hang baskets or pots upwards on walls, columns, or balconies to bring terrestrial plants into the landscape.

Planters, such as cascading varieties and climbers, can be placed at different heights to create an exciting visual effect. Hanging structures that introduce levels of texture also do wonders for garnering interest in a particular area. Use this type of landscaping as an opportunity to have fun with color and variety because it lends itself to experimentation and encourages creativity with plant species that thrive in unique environments.

With careful planning and thoughtful decisions, you can make your outdoor space something to be proud of. Once you’ve decided what features work best for you, bring your vision to life and revel in the satisfaction of creating a unique garden area that is pleasing to both look at and use. After all, turning a barren backyard into an aesthetically pleasing paradise is possible.

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