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Meet The Smart Coop, a Modern Solution for Backyard Chickens

Backyard chickens are not a new concept. For generations, people have kept chickens in their backyards, even in urban environments, reaping the rewards of fresh eggs from their flightless companions.

Search YouTube, and you’ll find literally thousands of DIY plans and designs for your own chicken coop, with varying levels of rustic-ness or sophistication.

For those that are design-minded, there’s the new Coop, a smart chicken coop with a minimal profile, and a number of enhanced technology features.

With two cameras, an automatic door, and a heavy-duty removable run, the Coop embraces 21st century technology, alongside tried and true roosting design.

Compostable litter trays, an easy-to-clean interior, and wide opening side doors make this coop a cinch to clean and maintain, plus the company offers turnkey services for those wanting a truly simple experience.

Available for pre-order for $1995, the Coop isn’t the cheapest option, but having the coolest chicken coop on the block might feel worth it.

The compact design works in a number of backyard scenarios, and can be moved with ease. The automatic door means that your chickens will be outdoors after sunrise and inside at sunset, for safety.

“Run & Roost cams give you a birds-eye-view of what’s happening inside and outside the coop – 24/7. Event recording, night vision, motion alerts and more.”


“Our easy-to-use smart door opens with sunrise and closes with sunset – all by itself.”

Using an app, you can monitor and control features of the coop as well.


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